Wire Cutting Robot

In 2012 one of Dacia/Renault upholstery suppliers provoked us to innovate a system capable of splitting two upholstery pieces stitched together. These pieces came “glued” as that directly from the stitching production line and were manually split using scissors. The lines’ remainders were afterwards burned and sealed with a cigarette lighter, to avoid their tearing up. Needless to mention quality check numerous complaints, poor productivity and low acceptance rate coming from Dacia/Renault.

Four months of electrical, electronics and mechanical design and implementation, hundreds of hours of trials and fine-tuning resulted in the machine that can be lively checked on the movie here. Its functional design and mechanical principles were immediately adopted and scaled up by the customer.

If you get the chance to ride with a Dacia/Renault car produced in Romania highly probable the seat that you are sitting in was manufactured using this machine’s concept of operation.