Terrain, Buildings and Road Generation Software

With the advancement of graphical video processing, a full spectrum of industries and applications developed ranging from virtual simulators, gaming up to assisted surgery or military tactical simulations.   

In this context and considering the client project’s requirements the content generation software must have been able to create in the virtual reality new terrain, roads, trees, bridges, lakes or buildings that can be afterward re-used or exported either into proprietary or public computer formats. The output files were to be used as an environment for navigation, simulations and combat tactic scenarios.

For this particular project, the challenge was that we had to split the processing (mostly conversions) workload from one single machine to multi-machine builds. Also, as a highlight, we had to implement a network service on host machines that spread the workload to multiple computers over the network. The network cluster had up to 32 machines, each machine having one compute node for each physical CPU core.

Clearly, technically wise, the most challenging endeavor remained the networking part with computing nodes handling, synchronizing and splitting the workload in a fashionable manner.