Phone Locking While Driving

When the cellphone localization and locking device is installed in vehicles, it will detect any mobile phone located in the driver’s seat area. If the vehicle is moving, the device will send a lock signal to the phone in order to lock its screen and buttons. Any phone located in any passenger seats will not be affected.

We had to find a solution to implement this idea of phone detection inside a vehicle, using technologies that are currently available on mobile devices. Though, the client had the confidence that if a particular feature was not present yet, it will be in the future if we could provide him a proof of concept.

We initially researched the possibility of using unidirectional antennas or radio jamming techniques, but since it had to deal with some authorization policies, we were forced to find a “cleaner” solution. The winning solution was providing detection and localization with very good accuracy. Using a dedicated algorithm we envisioned we could calculate the exact localization of the device inside the vehicle.

In this project, we had to deal with new technologies, new grounds of development and brainstorming reliable solutions.