Let’s start from the beginning. If you’re like we are, you’re probably sick and tired of not being able to listen to the music you know and love while driving. Sure, back in the days, radio was all people had. Then came cassette players,  CDs and nowadays entire online solutions like Spotify. Great! But it was like something is missing. Still wanted to be able to access all the music we love from YouTube, without having to rely on an internet connection or the mobile phone.

As no solution available around, we put our creative minds at work and made one. We present to you Mandolink! We’ve always had a “thing” for gadgets and innovations that simplify our lives. So, naturally, a car gadget was a must for us, just thinking how much time we end spending up in our cars on a daily basis. It allows you to take all your favorite YouTube music and podcasts offline for endless listening pleasure.

With Mandolink drivers can listen to their own pre-selected music while driving, having access to an unlimited amount of multimedia content from YouTube and podcasts, all these without any phone or internet connection required.