Banners Soldering Machine

In the late 2000s we started to receive enquires for a custom build machine able to solder together big meshes printed parts. These were used afterward as commercial materials displayed on buildings for instance. Caveat: the machine had to output a better soldering pattern than the cheap floor walking Chinese robots which direction couldn’t be controlled anymore as they started moving. Also, it had to be more energy efficient than the already existing high-frequency current soldering machines that had such a high power consumption making them economically not feasible for most of the small scale users.

As already accustomed with our products the first raw and not enhanced pictures shows one of the first models. In time the product evolved using better components whilst still keeping a very low power consumption (more than 10 times efficient at an ~900W applied for a total of ~12s soldering time 1m long pattern, compared to a high-frequency machine using ~12KW for the same amount of time and pattern length).