Whenever there is an optimization that can be done either in the software design or in the hardware printed circuit board you can be sure that Cristian is already on it. From the assembler code straight to the overall product system architecture he has it all covered. 

If he is not in our lab playing around with our newest creation, for sure you'll find him on the race track or at any performance cars event.

A deep passionate over sports cars you can meet him in traffic driving around our headquarters city Iasi, his 500 bhp 2013 Ford Mustang GT California Edition.     

On the technical background Cristian will help you to navigate through: 

  • Product system architecture and design
  • Product hardware and software detailed design
  • Product verification and validation strategy
  • Product lifecycle definition and implementation



The right people at the right moment in any project. In a constant fast-changing IT industry finding the perfect mix between people, resources and time proves to be one of the most difficult tasks for any entrepreneur. For sure it was a constant challenge for Gabriel in his last 20 years of activity in this field.  

Very passionate about simplification and efficiency Gabriel will always look for the core aspects of any given process or activity and will try to further improve and make it even more efficient. Doing is important but the results have to speak by themselves. Always.

If not in the office you will definitely find Gabriel training for his next skyrunning, trail-running, marathon or triathlon competition. Being a true environmental activist with a deep passion for outdoor sports translates into participating in forestation campaigns and forests cleaning activities all over the country. Either hiking in the mountains, mountain biking on narrow trails or just training for the next sports event, always being in nature and truly appreciating its spectacular beauty makes Gabriel one of our best green movement friends.           

On the projects grounds, Gabriel will help you to: 

  • Gather the right people for your project
  • Identify the most appropriate strategy for your product development and launch
  • Implement the correct methodology for your product development phase
  • Streamline your product development whilst keeping the right balance between time and costs